Is Active Dry Yeast Easy-to-Use ? Study of the impact of no dry yeast hydration before wort pitching.

Ives Gosselin
FERMENTIS – Division of S.I.Lesaffre

Keywords: active dry yeast fermentation

Active Dry Yeast (ADY) is widely recognized as a reliable technology of choice for beverage fermentation. It offers a great amount of flexibility and options related to applications, sensorial characteristics and technical aspects.

The purpose of the presentation is to « demystify » ADY and present results of a recent study on the impact of different hydration conditions on fermentation kinetics and on sensory profile of beers.

Following hydration conditions will be considered more specifically:

  • Hydration in Water of various qualities (distilled, mineral, tap)

  • Hydration in wort of various densities

  • Hydration under different temperatures (8°C to 40°C)

  • Hydration with or without agitation

The absence of prehydration/preacclimatation and direct pitching is also considered.