Diversity of Raw Materials, Technologies and Beers – a dialogue between agriculture, industry and science as the driving force towards sustainability.

The goal of STF 2018 is to develop a platform for dialogue and cooperation between suppliers of brewing raw materials (barley, malt and hops) and auxiliary materials, Polish breweries and research institutions specialising in brewing research.


  • stimulate the development and implementation in the Polish brewing sector of raw materials, processes, product, analytical and organisational innovations,
  • foster cooperation between producers of raw materials (barley and hops cultivation, processing) and Polish breweries to ensure the sustainable development and use of local raw materials,
  • implement solutions leading to the intensification of cooperation between Polish entrepreneurs and R & D units.


  • innovations in raw materials (including supply of malt and hops from regional farming)
  • innovations in processing
  • new analytical tools, sensory evaluation, process control
  • auxiliary materials to improve flavor stability
  • microbiology in malting and brewing
  • new market trends
  • supply chain (equipment, packaging, engineering, consulting)
  • other

We invite speakers to submit abstracts within these general topics.

Abstract Submission